About Us

Cha Gardens - exclusive agents of the Qinba Tea brand
Cha Gardens are importers and exclusive agents of the Qinba Tea brand from the pristine Daba Mountain in China, as well as other low-yield, rare, high-end Chinese teas.  We are a US-based company with offices in Xi'an, China and Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Qinba Tea Gardens, Daba Mountain, China

The company’s top offering includes Qinba Wu Hao - the rare tea hand-picked at 2,100-2,300 meter elevation in Daba Mountain. Daba Mountain is one of the purest places in Asia, listed by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and one of the world's 200 protected ecoregions.

Located in the ancient province of Shaanxi, our high elevation teas grow 150 miles away from Shennongjia, the birthplace of Chinese legend, Shennong, the legendary Emperor who according to legend discovered tea.

Qinba Tea

Qinba Wuhao was invented in late 20th century by 蔡如桂, one of China's most notable tea masters. Qinba Wu Hao was his lifelong dream - to make the world’s purest green tea. Now 88 years old, he still supervises production.

The tea is picked pre Qingming and all picking is done by hand requiring 38,000 buds to make 400 grams of Qinba Wu Hao.  No chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or any toxic products are ever or have ever been used in any step of production.  Instead, ladybugs are used to fight off pests.

Teas from Daba mountain contain 20% more selenium than any other green tea. Selenium is known as a cancer slayer.  To date, very little of our tea has left China. 

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