Qinba Wu Hao - Selenium rich tea from Daba Mountain, China

Qinba Wu Hao, Daba Mountain, China 2017 Extremely rare!)

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Qinba Wuhao is one of the rarest teas to leave China. Picked at 2,200-2,300 meters elevation, high up Daba Mountain, listed by the World Wildlife Fund as one of the world's 200 ecoregions, the tea is grown in one of the purest places in Asia.   

Daba Mountain is located in Shaanxi, one of the ancient provinces of China and 150 miles from Shennongjia, in Hubei province, the birthplace of Chinese legend, Shennong, the legendary Emperor who legend says discovered tea by accident. 

Qinba Wu Hao is a newer tea. Created in 1984 by 蔡如桂 (Cai Rugui) one of China's most historically important tea masters, Qinba Wu Hao was his lifelong dream - to make the worlds purest green tea. Now 78 years old, he still supervises the steps of production.

Cai Rugui 蔡如桂 Tea Master, China

Hand picking the right combination of leaves along the slopes of Daba Mountain makes  the creation of Qinba Wuhao a very labor intensive activity and in part its rarity among tea drinkers.   With no roads to reach those elevations, the Qinba Wuhao plantation team instead resort to long hikes to reach the highest elevations and 

The video below is the halfway mark of a 2 days hike to reach the leaves for Qinba Wuhao

The tea is picked pre Qingming and all picking and later sorting is done by hand. Very labor intensive! Mainly just buds and some bud and one leaf .

It takes 38,000 buds to make 400 grams of Qinba Wuhao. One worker, one full day.

Drying Qinba Wu Hao tea, Daba Mountain, China

No chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or any toxic products have ever been used nor will they ever be used in any step of production. Instead, ladybugs are used to fight the pests.

Qinba Wuhao has been tested to be more than 20 times higher in Selenium than
other green teas.

Infusion Temperature: 175-190°F
Cup Steep: 1-2 tsp for 15-25 secs
Gongfu Steep: 2-3 tsp for 5-15 secs
Leaf Reuse: 4-5 times