Qinba Chao Qing, "Stir Fried Greens" 2017

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Mostly unknown outside of China, Chao Qing is often used as the "House Tea" in restaurants especially around Fujian. But in the hands of passionate tea growers and a fanatic tea master - watch out. Combine that with the pristine surroundings of Daba Mountain, Qinba "Stir Fried Greens" Chao Qing it is without question, a healthy, body-thanking, affordable luxury.

Farmers 黄承平 (Chengping Huang) and Tea master 廖伟雄 (Wei Xiong Liao) take every step to assure their tea is of the highest quality.

All Qinba Teas are grown, harvested, produced, packaged and shipped by the same family.

Qinba Chao Qing is grown and harvested at elevations between 800 and 1,200 M in Pingli county, Daba Mountain, China.

Currently awaiting organic certifications, "Stir Fried Greens" is not only 110% organic, its an amazing value for high quality, selenium rich tea. In fact, all our teas are beyond organic and super high in selenium.

The family does everything manually and each step of production is very labour intensive. After picking, the leaves are sorted and only the best leaves are used for our Stir Fried Greens.

After, the tea master will gentle, small batch roast, to give this tea a sweet aftertaste.

 Qinba Tea Wok drying the Greens "Stir Fry Green Tea"

Selenium tea

Qinba Chao Qing is less intense in chlorophyll, but it is super-high in selenium and zinc making "Stir Fried Greens" tea a very healthy and delightful, easy drinking "everyday" super nutritious sipper.

Stir Fry Green Selenium Tea

Costs less than 29 cents a day!

Tests show that tea from the Qinba growing area contains 20 times more selenium than other green teas.