Qinba Jin Jun Mei, Daba Mountain, China 2016

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Lots of love and years of dedication has gone into creating our Qinba Jin Jun Mei. It all began decades ago, when our partners in China, while visiting some friends in Tong Mu Guan Village Fujian, tasted a Jin Jun Mei and immediately fell in love with it. The flavor and quality stood out in a very special way. They knew this was a very special Jin Jun Mei, not the type easily found.

They quickly learned this was grown in a very remote area of Wuyi Shan, far away from the beaten path. This  tea was grown, made, and harvested from a tiny tea garden and for decades sold almost almost exclusively to  one person from Beijing.

Our partners thought the only way to improve upon such an outstanding tea was to plant some in the purer, selenium-rich soils of Daba Shan. After some long negotiations, our partners purchased some seedling and clippings and planted them on a mountain they purchased in Pingli County, Daba Mountain in Shaanxi County. Years and years of planting, replanting, transplanting, seeding and only recently this tea is available to us. 

Tea of this quality and rarity normally are extremely expensive but because we control each step of production can offer and at the same price of common tea of this category.